The Ancient Chinese Civilization And Ancient Civilizations Essay

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Zhongguo, which is what the ancient Chinese called their land, was isolated by long distances and many physical barriers from a majority of ancient civilizations. This could be the reason why early Chinese civilizations where so different from the rest. The Himalayas, Tien Shan Mountains, the harsh deserts, dense jungles, and the Pacific Ocean are just a few specific examples why the civilization where so hard to get to or get out of. So, when taking that into consideration one would think two ancient Chinese civilization would be quite similar because what could one have that the other does not? How different can they be from each other? Well, maybe one group of a large civilization felt different about some topics and wanted become their own. This brings up the Zhou and Shang dynasties two Chinese that existed between about 1650 B.C until 256 B.C.
“About 1650 B.C, a Chinese people called the Shang gained control of a corner of northern China, along the Huang He 60.” The Shang dynasty dominated this region until 1027 B.C. during the Shang period; Chinese civilization first took shape (60).” Therefore, it is safe to say the Shang people set the standard or the expectation from civilizations to come. The Shang dynasty had a total of 30 leaders over the course of 600 years .The Shang dynasty was pretty large , the area expand a tad bit north of the Huang He River to south of the Yangzi River.”As the capital of Shang was always based in Yin, it is also known as Yin Shang.”…

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