The Americans With Disabilities Act Essay

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The Americans with Disabilities Act The Americans with Disabilities Act was established in 1998, at the recommendation from the National Council of Disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act covers those with physical and mental disabilities. The Americans with disabilities Act is also known as ADA.
The Act protects people with disabilities from discrimination in the workforce, and the workforce must provide reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities. The devices may include something simple as a ramp, or more high tech, as a telecommunications device.
The Americans with Disabilities Act has helped many people, but has not gone unchallenged.
There are many cases that has made precedents in the case study of the Act, and then later called for amendments to protect those in the future. (Justice, 2016)
Why The Act is Needed A physical or mental disability does not define who a person is, it is what it is, a disability. The disability may limit a person from the physical demands of being a being a firefighter, but not running a large cooperation worth millions. In any position, when an applicant walks in for an interview, the first impression is important. The way that the applicant is dressed, carries themselves, and speaks, are usually the first thing employees look at. It is sad, but still true today, that when a person comes to an interview in a wheelchair, limp, speech impediment, or any other disability, that is what is noticed first, nit…

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