The American West Before Its Conquest And Establishment Essay

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The American West before its conquest and establishment was a metaphorical ideology formulated by the American government within the Young America movement. In an attempt to encourage pioneers towards the frontier and to “Go West”, the United States explored the powerful notion of Manifest Destiny, creating the perception that the undiscovered land was given to America through support of Providence. This ideology and its strict adherence during settlement, poses the question: Did manifest destiny have a positive or negative effect on the development of the frontier? Through implementation of notions of optimism, individualism and democracy, the lifestyles of the pioneers gave way to both innovation and development as well as violence, disorder and crime. Celine Nalbandian investigates how the government ideology affected the actions of the pioneers during westward expansion and the evident contrast that exists between determining whether the frontier was one of social development or primarily based on conquest and conflict.
The American West is a setting that one can instantly visualise. Landscapes of mountainous terrain and men riding on horseback through the dusty desert plains of unconquered and arid land, stretching from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Conquest originated with the earliest-known inhabitants from Asia approximately 40,000 years ago. Later overpowered during the 15th and 16th Centuries AD, Spanish, British and French colonial powers, each…

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