Essay about The American Smelting And Refining Company

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The American Smelting and Refining Company, also known as Asarco traces its origins to 1887 in the city of El Paso when Robert Safford Towne arrived in the city. In 1887 Towne originally bought 1,156 acres along the Rio Grande for $3,757 and within five months the smelter was standing 100 feet tall, however, the local residents had no clue what they were going to encounter in the future. Since Asarco’s existence, they were held accountable for exceeding air safety guidelines and the emissions were harmful to people, plants, or animals in the state of Texas.
The company first focused on refining lead and zinc, but primarily refined copper. Refining metals came with many problems such as lead poisoning invading local families and the environment. Engineers, meteorologists, and chemists were hired by the city of El Paso and Asarco to measure lead in micrograms per cubic meter of a particulate matter in order to know the if Asarco exceeds the number of discharge the law stated. The company was in charge to dispose of any harmful substances in a correct manner. Since Asarco didn’t take this very seriously, the company faced many obstacles with the city of El Paso and the State of Texas. With continuous violations throughout the 20th century, Asarco has had minor penalties, however, another suit was filed against Asarco in 2009 from the EPA, along with other federal and state agencies who later were funded by Asarco a total of 1.79 billion for environmental cleanup and…

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