Toxic Soup Summary

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The film Toxic Soup by Rory Owen Delaney speaks to how everyday Americans fight to keep their blood, water and air safe from pollution. This video shows how corporations such as DuPont, Bayer, Ashland oil and Global contributed to polluting their local environments. The first company that the video talks about is DuPont, which is a chemical plant located in West Virginia. DuPont was found to be contaminating water near their plant with C8. The C8 found in the water was known to cause “observable deformations in animal’s organs”. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even came out with a study saying that C8 was toxic, and that it lasts forever. Instead of taking action to remove the C8 from the water, DuPont decided to hide this evidence. …show more content…
Louisville was called “Rubber town” because Louisville was one of the main areas of rubber production during WWII to aid in the war effort. Since there was so much rubber being produced, it allowed other chemical companies to remain in business, which increased levels of pollution in Louisville. Since Louisville’s location is in a valley, a lot of air pollution flows to it, creating an even larger problem for the residence that live there. The amount of chemicals produced in Louisville and chemicals flowing to it were much higher than they should have been. West-end resident Eboni Cochran called her town “the walking dead” because the air pollution there was so bad. All of these companies created large environmental issues for their local environments. In the end, Ashland Oil agreed to clean up properties that had radiation, but because radiation is invisible, the court ruled that it cannot cause actual damage to properties. In 2009, Bayer announced that it would reduce the MIC stockpile in West Virginia by 80%, as of late 2010 there hasn't been any reduction. DuPont was fined $43,000 dollars by OSHA for eleven different safety violations after a toxic gas leak killed a worker. If you were to pirate a DVD, you can be fined up to $250000

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