The American Revolution Essay

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Often times, the definition of a true “revolution” may seem rather skewed. Societies have the tendency to label certain changes as complete revolutions, even though not much among the people may have changed. The historian Crane Brinton believes that a true revolution is one in which there is “an overall restructuring of the political, social, and economic fabric of a society”. The definition that Brinton provides perfectly fits with the story of the American revolution. The American revolution was not something that happened overnight. Many changes took place in a sequence of events that ultimately got America to where it is today. These changes took place both among the colonists themselves, defined as an internal revolution, as well as between the colonies and England, an external revolution. Ultimately, the American revolution was very revolutionary because of these major changes between the elite colonists and the common folk, as well as because of changes in the relationship between the colonies and England. The internal revolution was one in which the relationship between the lower and upper classes of colonists had changed. From the start, elites had control of various aspects of the society, whether it be the government, the religious center, or the economy. The majority of the population, which was made up of lower class men, did not have as much of a role in these various roles. However, this hierarchal structure exhibited in the colonial society began to change…

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