The American Revolution Was Caused By Discontent Among The Colonists

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The American Revolution was caused by discontent among the colonists. The recent French and Indian War led Britain to tax the colonists, to relieve the debt from that it has accumulated, but did so without the colonists’ representation in Parliament because they were inferior, therefore, unequal. The British control before and during the American Revolution made the colonists unequal, which made them want a political democracy, equal society and a free economy, although the desired changes only applied to the male colonial elite represented by the Founding Fathers, not women or Native Americans. The political aspects of American society pertained to the formation of the American government system, particularly the federal government. Before the American government was created, the colonists/Americans had to first decide whether it would be a self-government, or an extension of the British government. The patriots who supported separation used tyranny and slavery of British rule as evidence, and that colonists who supported the British would too be a British presence, in document B, before the culmination of the Revolution. The most prominent debate regarding the national government was whether the government should be centered on the power of America, or the states. A group of Federalists, who supported a strong national government, wrote a series of papers to persuade Anti-federalists that the Constitution did not make the national government too powerful, which was…

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