The American Revolution Necessary For Independence And Freedom

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The American Revolution necessary for independence and freedom according to the Americans. The reasons as to why they needed to leave the British empire was indeed necessary, but did it really fix anything for American? In my opinion “The American Revolution” was not very revolutionary for the U.S and the citizens. The U.S. was in debt, no rights changed for women and slaves, and U.S. was not united after the Revolution so nothing really changed for the Americans after the war.

The war began because the Americans were being taxed by the British government because they were suffering major debt. So in order to be out of debt they taxed the Americans with taxes like the stamp act and sugar act. That did not settle well with the American and eventually the taxes led to eventually the American revolution. Yet after the American Revolution the United States was in debt with 25 million dollars and had to tax the farmers and led to foreclosure of many farms. Especially in Western Massachusetts in 1787 and 1789 many farmers were struggling under heavy debt (The American Yawp). Which then led to Shays rebellion and that showed how America was not unified at all. The very reason that the Americans declared war on Britain is because of taxes and now they are taxing their own country. Americans started back in square one after the war, which resulted to no change for the Americans after the war. The farmers were still suffering from heavy taxes just like before when the war…

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