The American Revolution : American History Essay

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Nancy Marangelli
Week 2 Assignment

The American Revolution looms largely over American History as the moment where our newborn nation won its independence from Great Britain. The conflict arose from tension growing between the thirteen colonies and the British government. The British government attempted to stop the rebellious activity by taxing the colonies. This was met with harsh protests and more rebellion. After reviewing the PowerPoint, I believe that the colonist still had high hopes even after being defeated at several battles because they truly wanted what they were fighting for. The colonists really wanted their independence. I don’t think the British followed the tactics of the colonists because they didn’t think their method would work and they were not familiar with it. They were so used to the way that they fought and won other battles that the thought of fighting another way seemed like a chance they were unwilling to take.
The Battle at Saratoga served as the turning point in the American Revolution. The American Revolution is in its third year and it’s not in favor for the Americans winning. The British controlled large ports that served as great attacks on the colonists by their Navy. The British wanted to take control over New York by controlling ports along the Hudson River. The colonial soldiers fought differently than the Redcoats. They did not play by the rules. The Redcoats were trained to fight on open battlefields. They were not trained for…

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