The American Prison System Essay

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Intro The American prison system is one that can be viewed as extremely flawed. Our prisons are overcrowded, and our incarceration rate trumps all other nations in the world. However, crime rates have dropped in the past couple decades. Despite these drops, we still see a great deal of mass incarceration. In our correctional system, we fail to focus on rehabilitation of criminals, and reintegrating them back into society. Instead, we often tend to push criminals further away from normal lives with extremely long sentencings, sentence minimums, and even keeping them out of jobs after they have served their terms in prison. Criminals also lose the fundamental right of voting in some states, as well as having a much harder time owning homes, and even receiving public benefits. A large amount of the United States population is monitored under correctional control through parole or probation. The prison industry is also one of the United States fastest growing industries. Being soft on crime in United States history was once a major debate topic in presidential elections. But, we now see a shift on both Democratic and Republican sides that prison populations are far too high. Furthermore, there are underlying racial issues throughout the prison system as well. The prison system has been compared to a new form of slavery. Astonishingly enough the United States actually spends more on prison budgets than they do for education. To be a world leader in industrialization, it’s…

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