Essay on The American Of American Literature

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American Literature has constantly changed throughout time as the American culture has changed. Style and content has been the largest factors used to differentiate between multiple authors in many different time periods. Authors use different styles and contents to teach readers messages that they believe are meaningful. When all the differences are put aside, readers can see one common theme in all of American Literature. An author’s main purpose is to show who they truly are or what they believe in through any form of writing. Having some sort of uniqueness is important in the melting pot of America. Not only authors, but artist, musicians, and even ordinary people refuse to fade into the crowd and be looked at as common or boring. It is a part of the American culture to find out what makes us different and as the saying goes “show it to the world”, so that is obviously reflected within our literature. American Literature can be described as authors allowing their unique individuality and personality to be portrayed through their writings in genres such as regionalism, realism, modernism, and creative nonfiction. Regionalism was a genre of American Literature where authors would write about and describe parts of America they belong to. According to Baym, in different parts of the country, regionalist were “dedicated to capturing its natural, social, and linguistic features”(American 1275). A popular regionalist was Mark Twain. In his literature, he loved to inform…

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