The American Nightmare In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The American dream, wealth and fame, has been sought since the conclusion of the American revolution, yet the often less noted and more unappreciated way of living is usually considered the American nightmare. However, the American nightmare doesn’t only come to the working class, a moderately well off person can fall into its deadly, inescapable grasp as well. Fitzgerald shows both sides of this motif in many ways ranging from places to people, and even to individual ideologies. He shows that the ever clichéd thought of dream and nightmare don’t always have to fit into certain parameters and can affect anyone. I believe that in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, Tom Buchanan represents the ideas of the American dream while his wife, Daisy, experiences the American nightmare. Tom and Daisy live a life of complete luxury, they have servants to wait on them and a large mansion and …show more content…
He lives on a large estate with “French windows, glowing… reflected gold” (6).Tom has a beautiful wife and daughter, but he still desires more. It is revealed that not only does Tom have a current mistress, but that he has had many in the past. During the spout with Gatsby, we discover his past affairs when he tells Daisy that he may stray and make “a fool of” himself but he still loves her all the same (131). Even with Daisy knowing of these affairs, she still stays with him. Tom is abusive as well and yet no one shames his character, we get to see how abusive he is to Myrtle when he breaks her nose for merely speaking of his wife (32) and we can only wonder what he does at home. The American dream has always been of money and power, and Tom holds the

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