The American Industrial Revolution: The Impact Of The American Industrial Revolution

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The Impact of The American Industrial Revolution
America has changed since it was founded two hundred and forty years ago. Even then it was different from Great Britain which had first colonized the area in which it was founded. America rebelled against the principals of their former master yet managed to stay relevant in the world. America has very rarely been referred to as a backwater country and for good reason. Over the centuries America has changed and morphed to meet the world around it. America has changed itself too many times to count and each time coming out the better for it. Of all of the times that America has changed nothing has changed America quite like it’s industrial revolution. How did the American Industrial Revolution
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Steel needed to have iron and oil needed crude oil and the transportation business brought those to them.
Child labor was legal and necessary during The American Industrial Revolution. It was necessary because of how greedy the industrialists were when it came to paying their workers. The factory managers also used the children in different ways than adults. They would have the children in positions where the machine could break down easily so that the small children could climb inside the machine and fix it.
The American Industrial Revolution brought about many important changes in the American workplace. In the later years of the revolution when the government was enlightened about how terrible child labor was they outlawed it. Child labor became illegal in 1938. The entire family needing to work meant that the women needed to work as well which sparked several movements about the unfairness of the workplace when it came to women. The government also created several laws regulating labor standards. There was no standard for pay or for how long a workday was before that. States then established minimum wage and government workers all had standard eight hour work days. These are both a major role in the working world of America

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