Essay on The American Family Structure Within The 20th Century

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Webster’s Dictionary defines the term family as, a group of people who are related to each other. It doesn’t mention criteria or standards that have to be matched in order to be related. So essentially any group can be a family. This concept fits perfectly with the modern American family structure. All across the world the traditional concept of family has been taught at a very young. There are two parents; one man and one woman. Those parents biologically have children together. The father provides a larger amount of financial support to his family while the mother’s contribution is majorly emotional and functional. Ideally, these roles are reflected on to their children.
Today’s family structure in America varies across the spectrum in comparison to what is has been in past years. In modern society, families may or may not relate based on genetics. It is also possible that a family can exist with one person fulfilling the role of two. There are many differences between the American family structure in the 20th century and now. The differences are a result of single parent homes, same-sex marriage, and child adoption. These changes can be viewed as both positive and negative, however, the concept of a family still remains intact.
According to the United States Census Bureau almost 50% of adults in 2014 did not live with their partner, and approximately 31% of children under 18 years old in 2014 lived with only one parent. In almost a half a century, the number of…

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