The American Dream Essay example

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Jurgis’s family had to follow the mortgage agreements in the contract of their house, but the contract was only a way for the realtor to swindle them out of their money. The realtor had hidden clauses in the contract that Jurgis and Ona did not understand. This is one of the examples that Sinclair uses to show how the wealthy exploited the poor. One part of the American dream is to own a home. The real-estate company’s swindling of Jurgis and his family suggests that the capitalism that marks the American Dream can, in turn, destroy it. Jurgis and his family eventually lost their house because they could not afford all the requirements in the house contract. The author uses the misfortunes of the family as evidence to support the argument that working from within capitalism is not effective. As the story continues, the family’s situation worsens, and this also provides a basis for Sinclair to push socialist ideology at the end.
Trade unions were formed at this time which were opportunities for workers to fight peacefully for their rights. Jurgis joins a trade union at work to fight back, but it does not provide him with much solace. This is presenting the author’s belief that a much stronger tactic was needed to reform the capitalist system such as the socialist movement. Later on, Jurgis comes forward as a scab and undermines the union’s efforts to strike against factories. Jurgis also becomes a criminal after losing his job, wife, and son. That demonstrated how callous…

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