The Role Of Key Qualities In Achieving The American Dream

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The American dream…NOT
When it comes to the American dream, there are many different definitions and perceptions of what it is. To some people it is a simple as being in the middle or upper middle class, to others, it is achieving something greater and to the rest, it is completely mythical and unattainable. However, there is one question everyone is asking. How does one achieve the American dream? I define the American dream as the ability to be successful in achieving upward social mobility and there three key qualities namely, opportunity, efficiency and stability in achieving that, but because of the country’s growing inequality, these key qualities have become almost impossible to attain.
First, let us look at opportunity. One can say this is the most essential element to achieving the American dream. Without opportunity, one cannot accomplish anything because
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That is what the kids in Fremont high school are facing, Lack of opportunity. Fremont highs school is an article written by Johnathan Kozol highlighting the reality of urban high school. He takes us through a day in the life of these less privileged high schoolers and the kinds of conditions they are sent to acquire knowledge in. these kids don’t have the opportunity to experience secondary education like anyone who is not below the poverty line because “America has allowed inequality to grow”(Stiglitz 746) as said by joseph e. Stiglitz in his article, of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%; a compelling explanation of the income inequality in the united states. it talks about how the top 1% of the united states are accumulating 40% of the states income and how the

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