Essay on The American Dream By Langston Hughes

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The American Dream can be summed up into a couple different things. The American Dream is different for everyone and that makes is so unique. Not everyone has the same dream so not everyone achieves what others do.The dream itself is just an idea of how successful one might want to be. It can be hard to achieve your version of the American Dream but everyone can achieve it. The American Dream is different for everyone and everyone can get to their own version of it by hard work, the will to keep going, and not following the social normality.
The American Dream can be achieved by anyone by hard work. The American Dream is achievable by everyone because everyone 's version is different. The American Dream is not come by easily though, you have to work for it and work hard. Langston Hughes wrote “Tomorrow/I’ll be at the table/When company comes./Nobody’ll dare/Say to me,/Eat in the kitchen,/Then.” Langston Hughes “I, too, Sing America”. He is talking about how even though he may be discriminated against he won’t let that stop him and he will eat with everyone when company comes over. Langston Hughes is talking about hard work and that he will work hard to get the respect he deserves and that should be everyone’s mind set. No matter what color your skin is you should have the mindset that you have to earn everyone’s respect and work hard to get that respect. Everyone may not have the same resources have but that does not mean you can’t be successful. Everyone can be successful…

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