The American Dream By Benjamin Franklin Essay

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The American Dream Through the creation and the rise of the United States, the question of if a person has lived the American Dream is tossed around. People will compare a person’s accomplishments against others and ask if they lived up to their goals in mind. Many people have the belief that someone must be rich or have fame to live the American Dream, that they must be known for something. In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin writes about how he achieved the American Dream. Frederick Douglass also wrote about how he achieved his American Dream in the book The Narrative of Frederick Douglass. Some doubt that Frederick Douglass actually lived the American Dream since he did not achieve great fame like Benjamin Franklin, however, Frederick Douglass can actually be said to have had lived a better American Dream the Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was a well-known man for many different reasons. When he was young, his family had little money. By the time Franklin was thirty, he has a great abundance of wealth. In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin describes his life and how he lived in. In part three of his self-narrative, he talks about all of the many great accomplishments he had throughout his life. Benjamin Franklin had many accomplishments, he “invented an open stove for the better warming of rooms” (Franklin 92) to a whole Fire Company. He did this from his hard-earned education and his hard work in general. When putting his whole…

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