The American Dream and Education Essay

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Reza Ameli

The American Dream and Education What we call the American Dream, the founding fathers called the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream is built on the promise that individuals from all walks of life can find success and prosperity here. It shapes from our opinions, desires, interests, cultures, geographical locations, and religions. Some presume the dream of becoming an engineer, a medical doctor, an athlete, a politician, or even maybe following their father’s footsteps and carrying on the family tradition of owning a restaurant. Sometimes, achieving this success is associated with the conception of receiving an education, especially a college education. The common debate of today’s society has always been whether
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They will not learn the critical thinking skills because they are not getting a college education. In fact, colleges train individuals to be critical thinkers and to help them acquire specialized skills to make informed decisions to improve the society’s state of living. According to the U.S Census Bureau, Current Population survey, more than seventy percent of people with a college degree voted in November 2008 presidential election versus fifty seven percent of the uneducated population. ("Voting and Registration"). Both educated individuals and uneducated individuals have the right to vote for their presidential candidate. However, the educated individuals will have a much higher standard to choose their president to fulfill today’s society necessities. In addition, attaining a college degree helps you propel your career in the right direction. The great majority of people in our society see the purpose of a college education as a preparation for a career. Employment opportunities are far better for someone with a college degree, as employers are assured that this person has working knowledge of their business and can cooperate with a competitive work environment as well. The skill set owned by the individual will also be higher than someone who does not have a college education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is an incredible employment gap between the civilian

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