The American Civil War : Ulysses S. Grant Essay

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Ulysses S. Grant Research Paper
Ulysses S. Grant was a quiet and reserved man however he was able to inspire a sense of bravery among his soldiers who fought on American battlefields (“American President”). He once said “In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins (“Ulysses S. Grant Quotes” brainyquote). The man we know as Grant was an honorable man who entrusted others and did not see dishonor in them. This man lead the country through troubled times from the Mexican-American War as well as the American Civil War. His leadership prowess was sure something else that most generals of the time could not match. Grant had much respect for his enemies, he believed in destroying the army of his enemy rather than just taking over their lands. Ulysses S. Grant is deserving of a lifetime achievement award because of his military skills in the Mexican-American War, Civil War and his abilities to pass the fifteenth amendment to the constitution during his presidency which positively affected the United States. Grant’s early years showed great potential for his later life. He was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio on April 27, 1822 but Grant’s mother would sell there tannery and move the family a few miles east in Ohio to Georgetown, Ohio. As a youngster Grant would work on his family farm, collect firewood and maintain the horses, farmers would watch him train and take care of the horses, he was a local…

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