The American Civil War And American History Essay

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The American Civil War was one of the most important events in American history that forever changed the life of Americans. The war killed roughly six hundred and sixty thousand americans which is the most deaths we have ever had in our history. The war also ended slavery by giving African American slaves their rights and freedom. Another Important aspect is that even today we still have strong racism in our country that is much like the kind we had in the eighteen sixties during the Civil War.
In the year eighteen sixty one tensions between the North and the South were getting higher everyday. The North relied on manufacturing plants while the South relied on farms which had black slaves working on them. The North viewed slavery as an awful thing and started a movement which would abolish slavery. The South feared this movement because slavery was the backbone of their industry, removing the slaves would reduce the amount of crops and money coming in. The two sides would bicker over slavery until November. Abraham Lincoln, who was against slavery, won the presidential election. Upon hearing the news South Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida seceded from the states. Soon after, both Alabama, and Georgia seceded also. Louisiana soon followed.
After the southern states seceded from the U.S. they formed the Confederate army, while the North formed The Union army. The Confederates were continuously threatening Fort Sumter in South Carolina, which was a Union fort, until April…

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