The Amendment Of The Bills Of Rights Essay

1849 Words Oct 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Imagine yourself at home, enjoying a nice dinner with your family with not a care in the world. Now imagine yourself at that very same dinner table when you hear a knock. You go to open the door and see a group a police officers telling you that your home must be searched because they believe you are in possession of drugs. They force themselves inside and start flipping your house upside down, but wait is there not a law in place to prevent this from happening? From stopping strangers from looking into your privacy? Yes, there is, this right is protected in the fourth amendment of the Bills of Rights. In the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments are considered to be civil liberties for every individual person living in the United States of America. Civil liberties can be defined as basic rights that are granted to everyone in the country by the Constitution. These rights are considered to be fundamental and the foundation for our government. Every amendment in the Bill of rights is there to secure that the government is ruled by and for the people not ruling over the people. It has not been an easy fight getting these rights put into practice especially when the government tries to encroach on our rights for their own interest in the public good. In explaining how and why these civil liberties came to be I will look back on how we came to be as a nation and why it is very important to protect them. Prior to the French and Indian War, the colonists had pretty much been…

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