The Amazing World Of Honey Bees Essay

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The Amazing World of Honey Bees Like most animals, honey bees require proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, vitamins, and water for normal growth and development. Honey contains all of these important things, but honey is made just from the nectar of plants and bee added enzymes. Not only are honey bees known for making honey, but they are also pollinators and without them we would lose a lot of necessary things like plants. Honey bees are extremely important for different reasons; however, they are faced with many issues that conflict with their contribution to the economy and the environment. The life inside a beehive is very interesting because of the many characteristics the honey bee acquires and the life cycles of the honey bee. First of all, not all honey bees are the hard working honey bees many people are familiar with. There are three different castes, or groups of honey bees, which include queen bees, drones, and worker bees. The queen bee serves as the leader of the colony and controls everything that goes on inside the beehive. Along with being the largest, the queen bee lays eggs and “maintain[s] the colony’s cohesiveness and stability” (Blackiston 29). If she was not present, the worker bees could not perform the certain tasks or even desire to perform them. Because there are hundreds of bees in one colony, the queen bee alone cannot take care of each bee individually; therefore, she uses pheromones to control the behavior of her colony. As she ages, she…

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