The Alzheimer Disease And The Frontotemporal Dementia Essay

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In this video of the Charlie Rose Brain Series it discuss the alzheimer disease and the frontotemporal dementia. The alzheimer disease is considered as the loss of memory while the frontotemporal dementia is characterized by language and behavior dysfunction. Both of these diseases are generative that not only affect the individual who has this disease because it also affect the people that is around this individual.
Alzheimer is known as the most common degenerative brain disease. According to this video, today more than 5 million of Americans have this disease. Researchers predict that by 2050 will be three times as many cases of alzheimer. On the other hand, frontotemporal dementia is a progressive disease that affect parts of the brain that control behaviors, language and decision making. Some people that experience this illness experience a lot changes in their personality such as the person become more impulsive, and have inability to use and understand language. It is important to mention that until now scientists have not find a way to stop the progression of alzheimer and frontotemporal dementia.
There is difference between normal aging and people who start experiencing dementia. It is normal for seniors to forget certain things which is due to the aging process. Meanwhile, three to four percent of seniors start experiencing dementia when they are 70 years old, twenty percent of seniors at the age of 80 start experiencing dementia and fifty percent of seniors…

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