The Allegory Of The Cave Essay

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Looking at the picture of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, I can notice several things right away. The picture shows a cave that resembles a grave. People are living in the cave and there is an obvious contrast to the person and the world outside the cave. Life for those people in the cave looks dismal, pathetic and sad. It makes me have questions about them, like what happened? A small part of the picture shows a better situation. The allegory describes the people in the cave to be like prisoners, who since childhood, can’t move or turn their heads to see around them. The information that they have and that they think is true, is coming from the shadows of a puppet show. Plato says that their reality was nothing but the shadows and it is clear that this information came from their senses, their eyes (Perry, 2014, p.82). This is the kind of information that Plato says not to trust. When one prisoner has the ability to leave the cave and walks by the objects casting the shadows, he is confused. He thinks the objects held in front of the fire are not as real as the shadows on the wall. As he is forced to look at the fire his eyes hurt and might mean that changing what you think you know is difficult. The man leaving the cave is dragged up and feels pain and anger, which may mean that it is hard to leave the comfort of what you are sure of. “His eyes so full of radiance” could mean that there was too much to understand and he was in denial. In the story it took time…

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