The Alaskan Home Essay

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“I’ll help you,” she whispered.
Ashley breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks. I need to go back home for some things. A change of clothes would be really nice.” She was still wearing what she’d had on when she left with Devon. A shower too. She really needed a hot shower.
“I’ll take you. We can meet up with the guys later,” Eva replied.

Chapter Sixteen

She wouldn’t stop. Ashley kept calling to him and Eli’s resolve shattered about five minutes ago. When had he become so weak? There was a time when nothing could sway him from a mission at hand. Now? He wasn’t sure if the blame lay with the mating or his missing soul. Either way he knew going to her was foolish, yet he couldn’t stop himself.
Eli teleported to the Alaskan home where he’d rescued her, and they’d spent their first night together. The place he had felt her softness beneath him and for the first time in…well maybe his entire existence, he had found peace. He ached for that same feeling again. What greeted him was her scent and an overwhelming desire to bury himself in it.
“You should have left well enough alone,” he stated as he stood in the middle of her small living room, balling his fists and releasing them. Ashley stared at him from her perch on the sofa, but Eva leaped to her feet in a protective stance in front of Ashley.
“Eli, why are you here?” his old friend asked.
“Because I begged him to come.” Ashley got to her feet and walked around Eva. “It’s okay, he won’t hurt me.” Eva started to relax.
“You’re a…

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