The Al Anon Meetings Essay

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The demographics of the al-anon meetings I attended was not vary diverse. The group was primarily white the majority women, There were two men in attendance. The alcoholics anonymous meeting was diverse as far as ethnicity, there were people of white, black, hmong decent. There were eight mails and two females. The ages of people in attendance of both meetings ranged from mid-twenties to as old as seventy. Alcoholism and narcotic abuse seemed to cross all cultures and ages. There was one gentleman who decided not to attend the meeting if there was going to be an observer in attendance. The remainder of the al-anon group wanted us to stay observe and learn what we could from attending the meeting.
I learned that many families enable the abuser by changing their plans and rearranging their lives around the abuser. I listened to some individuals that were hurt emotionally repeatedly by the abuser shutting them out of their lives when confronted or asked to stop abusing. One older woman’s husband was sentenced to prison time for prescription fraud. She was attending the meetings to learn to move on and to let go of the abuser. Another middle aged woman was also learning to let go after divorcing an alcoholic. One gentleman that I met was trying to stay off alcohol and narcotics after gaining five years of sobriety in prison. Another gentlemen that was older and has been sober for twenty years and has been attending meetings for the last twenty years to stay sober. The…

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