The Air Conditioned Museum On A Humid August Day Essay

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Relieved to enter the air conditioned museum on a humid August day, we walked through security, regular occurrence after perusing the multitude of other museums on the National Mall that day. Though I previously visited the Holocaust Museum on the Dake Washington DC trip, two friends accompanied me who showed no interest in the contents of this memorial practicing their speed walking skills more than the information on the plaques. Tourists filled the atrium. My mom and her friend, Laurie, stood in line to get our tickets, while the four of us teenagers plus a French exchange student walked through an exhibit called “Daniel’s Story” targeted towards a younger audience.
Once our time came to enter the museum, the museum attendants hoarded our group into elevators, just as the Nazi soldiers packed prisoners into the cattle cars to transport them to the concentration camps. An attendant handed us paper identification cards that represented a person who lived through the Holocaust. As I retraced the steps of Lisl Winternitz, the museum walls projected the black void and horror of the Holocaust. Emerging from the elevators, patriotic Nazi music filled my ears. We made our way through the endless winding of the museum’s exhibitions halls which felt endless, just as the prisoners I can imagine felt the endless days of working, starvation, and torture. My identity was stripped. I could only be described simply as “human”.
Artifacts lining the glass cases included Nazi…

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