The Agents Of Socialization : How Society Affects Our Orientation Towards Life

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Three Agents of Socialization
The agents of socialization are how society affects our orientation towards life (Henslin, 2014). They also prepare us to take our place in society. Agents of Socialization play a significant role in the individual lives of our society. These Agents determine a general outlook on who we are, what we do, and what we can achieve. The three main agents of socialization that have played a part in internalizing culture and developing a social identity in our lives are family, school, and religion.
The first, agent of socialization that has played an important part is family. We depend on other individuals to survive. For example, parents are the ones who are responsible to teach children to function and to care about themselves. Family members show us how to use objects such as computers, eating utensils, reading books and riding bikes. Norms, system of values and beliefs are what our families provide us. Family is an extremely important agent of socialization because individuals in a family are taught moral standards as well as what to value in life. “Studies confirm that the family has a very significant role to play during socialization, since it is the only one that allows adjustments are made when necessary. There is a strong emotional ties and motivations that are fused during such informal learning” (Buenconsejo, 2014, slide 5). In social class and type of work, not all families are the same. For example, working-class parents want their…

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