Essay on The Ageing Population And The Aging Support Program

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The Balance Between the Aging Population and the Aging Support Program Life is short, but most people do not come to this realization until they have already experienced most of it. The elderly live every day with this thought lingering nearby, but they cannot stop working to enjoy the rest of their lives because of the paramount issue of money. Fears of debt plague people of all ages, but without protecting the Social Security program that protects the elderly from these fears, the elderly will continue to run from this fear during years that they should have the opportunity to enjoy. Social Security cannot afford to support the elderly during their final years so long as the human lifespan increases, but they can provide for them if they extend the normal retirement age just a few more years. However, Social Security would also need to keep the early retirement age constant in order to help those members of society who need support earlier. The Social Security program provides aid for aging parents and grandparents, so that the younger generations do not have to bear the burden of paying for their aging relatives to live out their remaining years in happiness. There are two options for retirement: early retirement, which helps those who are not as old as most retirees settle into a comfortable life without work, though with fewer benefits, and normal retirement, which imparts greater benefits to older retirees. Most Americans pay a small portion of their income into…

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