The Age Of The Cherokee Nation Essay

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By 1000 A..D. Cherokee people ate a varied + balanced diet of meat, corn, and vegetables; while most English were eating coarse bread + ale.
Cherokee Homestead consisted of several buildings around a small plaza with large rectangular wooden houses for summer, and small round houses with thick mud-plastered walls for winter; as well as, a variety of corn cribs + other storage buildings.
Households had several generations living together: mother, daughters, husbands, and unmarried sons. Society based on matrilineal kinship. This means that your family was defined by who your mother was.
Farming: Each household had a small garden near the home, but most produce came from large fields where all women worked together.
·· Together homesteads formed permanent villages with a large round town house or council house that seated the whole village; villages were typically up to several hundred people.
·· Decisions made by consensus; some opinions weighed more heavily than others based on age and position, but all could speak.
Population of the Cherokee nation was more than 30,000 before Europeans introduced diseases like small pox, typhus, and measles. By 1700 there were only 16,000 Cherokees; they lost many valued elders, their wisdom, and knowledge. In addition, their belief in a harmonious world was undermined.
Early contact with British about 1700
Main trade: deerskins + war captives for slavery in exchange for guns, ammunition, metal tools (knives, hoes, hatchets,…

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