Essay about The Age Of Extremes A History Of The World By Eric Hobsbawm

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The Age of Extremes A History of the World, 1914-1991 by Eric Hobsbawm is separated into three sections, and covers what Hobsbawm calls the short twentieth century. The three sections are, The Age of Catastrophe, 1914-1945, which is called so because it covers the first two world wars, the decaying of colonial empires, the spread of communism, the near breakdown of the capitalist system, and ended only after the liberal West and the Soviet Union forged a temporary, unlikely alliance to defeat Hitler. The second part of the book is The Golden Age, 1950-1970, where Hobsbawm covers the cold war and communism The real story of The Golden age is in the massive growth of the world 's economy, technological revolution and, for most of the globe, a social revolution. The third section of his book The Landslide, 1970-1989, is also known as the crisis decades which brought about mass unemployment rates, harsh slumps and expanding gaps between the rich and the poor nations. For Hobsbawm, if communism had not existed in that time period, Europe and many parts of the world, would have become a far worse place dominated by fascism and authoritarian tyranny and dictatorship. His history, is strongly influenced by his personal views and biases, as he lived through these times, his work is still thoroughly researched and well written.

The age of catastrophe begins with World War I, and goes through the Great Depression, and ends with the dissolution of the Soviet Union.…

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