The African Slave Trade, The Economic And Social Development Of America

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Africa and its people have been molded and grown into the prosperous place that it is today. Factors that led to this are the African slave trade, the survival of slavery, the economic and social development of America and the south, and went on to conquer slavery in 1865. Africa is home to a large majority of the world’s population. In this day and age when getting a blood test numbers as low as 1% of African American decent can be found in almost every body tested. In fact occasions of people without a hint of African American in their blood is considered rare. The historic catastrophic events that the continent had to endure are the stepping-stones that lead to how the world is today.

Africa has over five major geographical regions and is the world’s second largest continent including the Mediterranean, Desert, Sub-desert, Savannah, and Tropical Rain Forest. African Ethnic groups during the Atlantic Slave trade were in great abundance; over 800 ethnic groups have been recorded. West Africa contains over 420 groups that inhabit the area alone. The 6 cultural groups Africa has are the Afro-Asiatic, West and Central Africa, Nilotic, Bantu, Khosian, and Malagasy. Great empires and kingdoms also reside in Africa bringing in large amounts of revenue. One of the world’s most historically famous places, Egypt, is very prosperous; though Egypt is considered part of North Africa it is still one of the major producers and source of major income.

Africa’s general…

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