The African Americans And The Civil War Essay

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The African Americans took advantage of this new plan by some freed blacks men decided to run for political office and they some won because the Southern white men in support of the Confederacy decided not to vote in protest to new privileges the African males has (Robin D. G. Kelley, 2000, p. 240). In contrast, President Johnson’s was not thrilled with the progress the blacks and 1860s, Congress was able to pass a series of acts to bring the black rights into the light. Additionally, it addressed the way the Southern states would be governed until a new government could be form in which it gave former Confederate official’s limited rights to run for public office (Civil War and Reconstruction, n.d., para 2). The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and the Freedmen’s Bureau goal were to provide relief and assistance to the freed blacks by providing free health services, education services and abandoned (Robin D. G. Kelley, 2000, p. 240). The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands (or the Freedmen 's Bureau) was organized to provide relief and assistance to the former slaves and their mission was to help freed people make the transition from slavery to freedom by providing health services, educational services, and abandoned land services. They even provided food, gave opportunity to former slaves to married legally, and the bureau agents assisted in negotiating labor contracts between black new employers and blacks to prevent any labor misunderstanding (Robin D. G.…

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