Essay on The Afghanistan Of Afghanistan And Afghanistan

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The region I chose was South Asia, Afghanistan in particular. I was deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. During my stay I became emotionally attached to the people, and I was hurt by what they have endured in recent decades. The media portrays the Afghan society as extremist, because good news won’t sell. Adapting to another culture is extremely difficult and very political. Especially when it comes to women and children, it hurts me to see them living in poverty. Afghanistan is made up of roughly twenty-three million people, and they have been in and out of war over the last several decades. The Taliban have become a cancer to the growth of the country, and they have been setting the country back developmentally. Although women have been involved politically and socially, they still suffer from high maternal and child mortality rates, and very low literacy rates.
Afghanistan worked towards gender equality up until the Soviet invasion and the birth of the Taliban. Afghan women were given the right to vote in 1919, which was only a year after women in Britain. Shortly after the country’s constitution in 1923 women were granted equal rights. There was no strict dress code, especially like the one we are familiar with today, even women of royalty appeared in public without veils. Women also took part in drafting the 1964 Constitution, but during the 1970’s there were only three women legislators in the Parliament. By the 1990’s women were starting to become teachers,…

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