The, Affluence, And Morality, By Peter Singer Essay

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Everyday millions of people around the world suffer in circumstances, in which they could die from lack of proper care and resources. In Famine, Affluence, and Morality, Peter Singer acknowledges this issue facing humanity and argues for the moral obligation to give large amounts of money to those in need. Singer believes that all who are able should be giving up many, if not all of their luxuries to help give the less fortunate their necessities. I will begin by summarizing the argument that Singer dictates in his article and then explain my reasoning for believing his notions to be sound and valid. Singer’s argument comes down to three premises, followed by his actual argument. The first premise is that death and suffering from lack of resources including food, water, and shelter is a horrible occurrence. For the sake of brevity in his article, he doesn’t take the time to back up this premise with any reasoning. He realizes that there very well may be people who believe that death, for instance, from lack of water, may not be entirely bad. However, Singer believes that if someone intends to argue with him on this point, then any discussion on the topic becomes impossible. In this respect, I completely agree with Singer. It is one thing to hold a different position, but to deny needless death as a bad occurrence, is not a position to waste your time over. His second premise actually spells out the specific action he would like us to take. He spells it out stating, “if it…

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