Essay on The Aeneid Is An Epic Poem

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The Aeneid is an epic poem that is known for its telling of the story of the Trojans and their exodus from their city of Troy. After the sack of Troy by invading Greeks, the a fleet of surviving Trojans fled under the banner of a man named Aeneas. He is considered to be the protagonist of the epic and is the son of the god Venus. Under his command, the fleeing Trojans are to eventually colonize the land west of Greece called Latium (Italy) and eventually set the stage for the Roman Empire to rise centuries later. The passage in question is one that takes place during Aeneas’ journey from Troy to Latium on the high seas. After setting sail, Aeneas’ father, Anchises, interprets omens that he observed and ultimately decides that the island of Crete is the new home of the Trojan exiles. However, after arriving on the island, Aeneas is confronted by the Roman god Apollo. The god addresses Aeneas and asserts that Crete is not the home of the Trojans and that they must venture further to find their true haven. In addition, Apollo also tells Aeneas of the Trojan destiny and how the struggles of the Trojans will all be rewarded with the rise of the Roman people in future centuries. Ultimately, this passage asserts that the hardships and the struggles of the Trojan exiles will be rewarded with future power in the form of the Roman Empire. Thus, this allows Virgil to effectively transform the vanquished Trojans into the eventual subjugators of the Western world and to justify all of…

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