Aeneas Journey In Homer's Odyssey

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Aeneas’ journey compared to Greek heroes in epic, is distinctly bigger picture. His story doesn’t fall into the confines of bigger happenings, like a moment in the Trojan War or the end of a ten year journey home. Aeneas’ journey is the founding of Rome. It’s not as personal a journey when comparison to the Odyssey where Odysseus makes his voyage home to his wife and son. While there is no doubt that Vergil has created a story about Aeneas and his experiences, the end result is about much more than his legacy, it is about the legacy of Rome. In contrast, Odysseus’ story is very narrow, having the greatest effect on those closest to him. Their treks into the Underworld are not much different. Odysseus experiences a very personal journey that …show more content…
As opposed to Homer, he begins with an emotional meeting of father and son, only to end with a prophecy, ““Let me clasp your hand, my father, let me- / I beg you, don’t withdraw from my embrace!” / So Aeneas pleaded, his face streaming tears. / Three times he tried to fling his arms around his neck, / three times he embraced- nothing,” (Aen. 6: 805-809). Aeneas, unlike Odysseus, begins with an emotional journey. He must grieve for his father who has died and tries to embrace him. After a few moments of greetings between Anchises and Aeneas, Anchises moves on to what is more important, Rome. “He tells him next of the wars Aeneas still must wage, / he tells of Laurentine peoples, tells of Latinus’ city, / and how he should shun or shoulder each ordeal that he must meet,” (Aen. 6: 1026-1029). Vergil includes something important that Homer does not. Vergil includes the history of Rome; Anchises shows Aeneas all the will be accomplished after Aeneas founds Rome. Aeneas will be the man to conquer and create a great nation, and Anchises proves this to him. Anchises later leads Aeneas through such important parts of Rome’s history is a clear indication that Aeneas’ journey to Underworld was not for personal gain. It was to instill the idea that Aeneas would found Rome and bring to pass a great nation. Aeneas begins this encounter with his father as a son of a Trojan warrior who has fallen, but he ends as something greater. He ends as the beginning of the great line of Romans. His father’s prophecy changes who Aeneas

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