The Adventure Of The Speckled Band By Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes Essay
The book “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” is a Sherlock Holmes book written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The main characters are Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, Doctor Roylott, and Helen Stoner. The story takes place in the Stoke Moran in England in April in 1883. The main conflict in this story is Helen Stoner’s sister mysteriously dies before her wedding and Helen is afraid that the same fate awaits her. Helen Stoner seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes, who is a world class detective. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson go see the client on this urgent manner. Helen explains her family’s troubling past to Sherlock Homes. Additionally, Helen explains how Doctor Roylott; her stepfather, has committed multiple crimes and
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Sherlock Holmes and Doctor hear the hiss of the snake and are alert. Sherlock Holmes pokes is cane into the ventilator agitating the snake inside, causing it to bite its master Doctor Roylott. Doctor Roylott dies ten seconds after being bitten. Since Doctor Roylott is dead, Helen Stoner is free to live her life how she wants. Also, after Doctor Roylott’s death, Sherlock Holmes has one less adversary. Another conflict that was resolved is that the town no longer needs to fear Doctor Roylott because he is gone for good. At the end of the story Helen Stoner is grateful and relieved, Doctor Roylott is deceased, Doctor Watson is satisfied with the outcome, and Sherlock Holmes does not regret killing Doctor Roylott. Sherlock Holmes is always one step ahead of the game; and, always seems to figure out the mystery in such a way that you feel stupid for not thinking the same way as he had, because after he explains how he solved the case it all makes perfect …show more content…
He knew that the attacker could not come through the window on the door so it must have come from the ventilator. He noticed the wire formed some kind of bridge down to the bed. That made Sherlock Holmes think of a snake, which was logical because Doctor Roylott had a passion for dangerous Indian animals. He then figured that the milk and the whistle was part of the training he gave to the snake. Then when Sherlock Holmes heard the hiss of the snake he poked it with his cane forcing the agitated snake back at his master and bit him. The book was a foul play mystery because it used true clues and red herrings to lead the reader to different conclusions on how the book ends. At the end the mood changes from mysterious to petrifying after Sherlock Holmes faces the snake at the end of the story. The tone shifts from challenging to uplifting now that Doctor Roylott is deceased. Helen Stoner will now be free to live a happy life safe from the wrath of her step-father. Sherlock Holmes once again solves the case in an extraordinary way that only he could

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