The Advantages Of Owning Land Essay

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The advantages of owning land
Who likes being told what to do, giving away their money or being looked at as irresponsible? Owning your own property gives you the opposite of all that, it gives you a sense of pride, responsibility and enjoyment. There are multiple ways to invest your money but not many are as easy as owning land. Although there are some disadvantages about it, there are far more positive benefits to being a land owner. One benefit that you will have in investing your money in land is that you can do whatever you want to with it. You can build a home for yourself, just how you want it; a two story cedar log home with a red metal roof, a cherry red front door with a welcome wreath hanging from burlap and a wraparound porch with a three car garage. Or a simply small tan house with red shutters and a big flower bed in the front yard with lots of yard décor. On the inside, you could paint it and decorate it however you want. You could build a fence and keep a horse or a cow for your entertainment or build a small pen for your dog or kids. You could make your whole back yard into a garden, plant 100 trees or have exotic animals, the things you could do are endless. You are the boss. A second benefit to owning your own land is that you’re not “stuck” like some may think, yes it may entitle a little bit more of an issue but you’re never stuck. If you did happen to build a house and got tired of living there or just wanted to move, you could sell it or even rent it…

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