The Adoption Of Non Union Employee Representation Essay example

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In almost all parts of the western world, trade union membership has been on the decline. The adoption of non-union employee representation (NER) arrangements within organizations remains a key contributing factor to the decline of trade unions. Non-unions are defined as a workplace absent of trade union recognition and collective bargaining (Campling, J.T. and Gollan, P., 1999). Many employers over the years have developed growing concerns with the establishment of trade unions within their workplaces and have opted for alternative strategies to promote employee representation at work. Non-unions are used by employees as a way of avoiding or discontinuing union representation whilst still obtaining an active union presence. Marks and Spencer’s is an example of a company whom ‘substitutes’ unionisation whilst small firms such as a sweetshop attempt to ‘suppress’ union activity. Non-unions are crucial in British employment relations because a majority of the working population have no access to union representation at work. Non-unions act as a substitute for trade unions, promoting employee representation but it enables them to express dissatisfaction without fear of management retaliation.

Employee voice in non-unionised workplaces involves the discussion between an employer and employee regarding ideas and approaches resulting to management making a fair decision. Many researchers have argued the prominence of employee voice not only for employees but for employers too…

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