The Act Of Self Defense Essay

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Has a friend, or daughter ever been wrongfully accused of a crime she did not commit? Abused women today are having to spend years in prison, crying out for freedom from an accused title of murderer, yet they were just protecting themselves from the abusive killer. Although some believe abused women should be accused of murder for killing their husbands, the truth is they should not because it could be an act of defense, or a form of protection.

In situations where abused women feel harmed, or threatened their immediate reaction of protection for their children, or themselves is the death of their abuser. The act of self defense comes from the principle stating that one is unlawfully attacked by someone else should be able to defend himself/herself with whatever steps it takes. Although this sounds like it should all work out, the reality is that women feel afraid, and untrustworthy. As, the court will not believe them, so why even try to defend themselves. According to “Battered Women Who Kill” In order to be successful, most states require that an individual hold a reasonable belief that they were in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury, and that reasonable force was used in preventing the occurrence of such harm (Terrance). Some women of abuse are less likely to openly tell their story of victimization, and be seen in front of a courtroom to share the details of abuse. Since most women feel like this, they would rather live with the scars, hurts, and…

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