The Accords And Conflict Between The Two Nations Essay example

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This plays into the next argument that the chapter makes: that the accord did not get to the root of /make amends for the principal issues of the conflict. The chapter emphasizes that the limitations and ambiguities of the accord stem from the fact that it skirted around the central disputes. This led to the incomplete implementation of the accords and continuation of conflict and strife between the two nations. The third argument that that chapter makes is that Israel reneged on its side of the agreement. The author evidences this assertion by citing the Likud Party being openly against the land-for-peace principle when they took control again in 1996. According to the author they firmly opposed a Palestinian state, withdrawal from the Golan Heights, and the dismantling of Jewish settlements. They also asserted their sovereignty over the entirety of Jerusalem. The fourth reason that the author gives for the failure of the Oslo accord is Palestinian violence. Palestinians were becoming increasingly frustrated at the peace process and doubted that they would ever receive what they were promised in the accords. Palestinian security services became involved in riots across the region, escalating the weapon of choice from rock to rifle, and engaging the Israelis to answer with rockets and tanks. By resorting to violence, the Palestinians contributed to the further breakdown of trust and faith in the peacemaking process. An additional argument that the chapter…

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