The Academic System Of Education Essay

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The academic system of current society attempts to prepare students for working in the real world. The majority of students are encouraged to pursue studies in areas such as business and technology because it will ensure a high paying job and promote economic growth. Lately, students have begun to question whether studying the humanities are worth the tuition costs, and if a technical or science based major is a better option. Martha Nussbaum, in her essay “ Education for Profit, Education for Democracy”, brings attention to how “the current focus on education as a form of career training fails to teach students the skills necessary to participate in the political process” (61). Liberal arts schools aim to strengthen a student’s range of knowledge through the studies of arts and humanities. Such an education would provide a student with the resources required to think critically about the world, specifically politics. Since the government acts on behalf of the people, they should be knowledgeable and aware about their government’s actions. Studying arts and humanities in college is essential to creating a well-rounded citizen and employee because of their abilities to contribute intellectually in both politics and the workforce. Of the many courses students despise during their undergraduate studies, history is one of the most beneficial to a student gaining a better understanding of the world. History taught with a large focus on classroom discussion and…

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