Essay on The Aboriginal Civil Rights Movement

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The aboriginal civil rights movement is a triumph of the human spirit.

The aboriginal civil rights movement is a triumph of the human spirit, though it has its shortcomings. The aboriginal civil rights movement achieved many things politically and socially with the help of significant people and there are some things we are yet to achieve.

Firstly, the aboriginal civil rights movement 's political achievements meaning achievements that directly relate to law and legislation, are extremely influential if you recognize where we have come from. In 1901 the white Australia policy excluded indigenous Australians from the vote and pensions. The roots of this policy can be seen all the way back in 1850 with the white miner 's hatred to the Chinese miners, this resentment even led to violence on the Buckland river and other areas. Another reason the white Australia policy became legislation was because white Australia believed aboriginals to be a dying race and hence the constitution made only two references to them. But mostly the white Australia policy was an extremely racist policy with many parallels with Jim Crowe laws. Jim Crowe laws prohibited felons from voting and many laws abiding African American citizens were classified as felons for not actually committing a felony, here we see an example of racial prejudice affecting ability to vote. One of the key restrictions of the white Australia policy was the prevention of aboriginal and indigenous Australians not being able to…

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