The Ability Of Deceive Others Essay examples

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The ability to deceive others is necessary in many social contexts. Before a child is able to deceive others, they must understand how other people 's minds work. Most people interpret the minds of others by the age of four (Schillinger, 2009). However, children with autism who are mentally four years old typically cannot identify the difference between mental and physical experiences (Baron-Cohen, 1989). This discrepancy can result in a child with autism to behave in a socially inappropriate manner and they may become ostracized from their peers. In fact, 46.3% of children with autism have been the victims of bullying (Sterzing, Shattuck, Narendorf, Wagner, & Cooper, 2012) because they have trouble forming healthy social relationships. Telling socially appropriate lies, such as when someone gives an unwanted gift or asks about an appearance change that a child finds unappealing, is a skill that would enable children with autism to behave in more socially acceptable ways. Previous studies demonstrates that it is possible to teach skills such as detecting deceptive statements along with telling deceptive statements using behavioral skills training (Bergtrom, Najdowski, Alvarado, & Tarbox, 2016). The current study hopes to identify a hierarchy of learning that will make teaching how to tell deceptive statements to children with autism easier and more efficient. To better understand the basics of deception, it is important to know how deception relates to the Theory of Mind.…

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