The ANA Principles Of Ethics: Tanner's Way Of Knowing

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For this third clinical, we were now taking care of two patients. Knowing that I would have two patient to care for and give medications to, made me anxious and stressed. I knew everything was going to be fine, it’s was just the fact that I wasn’t used to having that much of a responsibility. The concern that I had for this clinical was making sure that I did everything correctly and completed everything on time. As the time passed during clinical, I felt more at eased knowing that my patient were resting and well taken care of. I made sure that I would visit their rooms and check if they needed anything from me. Both of the patient that I had were very nice individuals and appreciated my help which made feel happy. Though I had two patients, …show more content…
I was able to express beneficence by being my patient’s advocate. As I have indicated before, I made sure that my patient’s needs were taken care of. I made myself aware that it was my responsibility to visit my patient’s room hourly, to check how she’s doing and see if there was anything that I needed to help her with. With my patient, I expressed to her that I was there for her as I made sure that her room was cleaned up and things were in place in the way she wanted them in.
Personal Knowing As I looked over my patient’s medical history, I was able to see her history with hypertension. My personal experience with her situation with hypertension is that many of my family members have it as well. The last time I went to give her some medications, she mentioned to her friend that she was the pill lady; that kind of expression is something I’m used to hearing with my parents. Just like my family members, she is well aware of the many medications one has to take when they have other health complications. As my patient had blood pressure running high during clinical, it reminded me the times I would see my father with super high blood pressure readings; hypertension can be scary, but that’s why blood pressure medications are
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As I had said before, my patient would ask me about her vital signs and medication, demonstrating to me that she likes and is able to be in control of her health. Though my patient was there due to bradycardia, having HTN, carotid artery stenosis, hyperkalemia, type 2 diabetes, and cirrhosis are contributing factors that that can hinder my patient’s well-being. What my patient’s health means to her family, is that they understand that my patient is well aware of her conditions. On her charting it indicated that she was DNR, this reflects on how my patient wishes to control her life; her family would have to accept her

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