The A Great Ocean Road Essay

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3. Introduction (250 words)
The most impressive coastline in the world is Great Ocean Road (GOR), located in the Victoria state, Australia. The beautiful view of the coastline and the historical place of soldier of the World War I make the Great Ocean Road becomes an attraction destination that generates economic source and job creation for the region.
This report presents the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the world’ famous tourism destination. The methodology of the report is drawn from various sources such as the government’s reports, private sectors’ reports and academic articles. In addition to those sources, information capture from speakers’ presentation during the filed visit are included in this report as well.
Furthermore, participatory approach in master planning need to be enhanced by involving all concerned people, specifically the local communities and master plan document should address the external effects that might effect indirectly involve people. The strategic master plan should link from local level to national level in order to harmony the tourism implementation.
Practical recommendations are given in a sense to believe that those actions may contribute to development of the GOR’s region to attract tourists and high yield of tourism.
4. Description of the research context – this includes the political economy context including economic, political social and environmental discourses (400 words)
The Federation Government of Australia…

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