The 2015 Nmc Horizon Report Essay

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The 2015 NMC Horizon Report indicated key trends and significant challenges that are plausible to impact museums across the world over the next five years. One of these trends was titled “Rise of Private Companies in Museum Education.” This trend is characterized by relationship shifts between the private sector and the museum. In recent years, a number of companies and startups have been working directly with or alongside museums on education-centric goals. One popularized example of this trend is Museum Hack, a private business opened in 2013 that engages with audiences contrasted to traditional museum methods. Through their programs they state that they can reach and attract new audiences, especially Millennials, by providing a unique program and experience unlike any other museum before or unlike your “grandma’s museum tour.” The product of their programs allow the museum to grow revenue, increase social influence, and establish recurring support, while the business and employees also profit monetarily.
Whether cultural institutions agree or not, the private sector is increasingly shaping the future of museums, interpretation, and education. Though the primary goal between both the sectors is the deepening public’s interest in cultural heritage. Museum Hack and other companies present a competitive landscape to museums by “breaking the rules,” providing fascinating content museums have traditionally not offered.
By seeking what museums can learn from culture-based…

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