`` The 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address `` By David Wallace Essay

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Wake-up, go to work, watch television, go to sleep. College students fear that life after school will be a routine and, David Wallace in his speech, “The 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address” (May 21, 2005), agrees that after entering the workforce life will be repetitive but argues to students that with their education they can look at life in a different perspective, with their education they would be able to understand the hardships others face and appreciate the more annoying routines. Wallace supports this claim by appealing to pathos to illustrate a frustrating example that future students will experience once they enter the workforce to help prove that at times when not aware people fall into the natural-default setting, Wallace also appeals to logos to support his claim by presenting a premise argument to his audience this helps him logically explain the natural-default setting, and lastly, Wallace appeals to ethos by building common ground with his college graduate audience so that they could understand him as a peer that’s not telling them what to do this helps him connect with his audience so they could fully listen and comprehend his commencement speech. With this speech, Wallace hopes to change the mindset of these new graduates from the natural-default setting to show that life can be enjoyed even though it may be frustrating, and with their education the students will be more aware of their surroundings and think in a different perspective.
Wallace in his speech…

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